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“Your globally hydraulic partner for steel process”

Hydrauproser Hydraulik Systeme GmbH, more than 25 years experienced staff, Hydraulic, Hydraulic Systems, Filtration, Fittings and site applications about heavy duty markets was established in Köln Germany in 2016.

Specialized and dynamic team to provide the best service to customers, the above-mentioned issues in engineering, consulting, sales, service and training services. At the same time, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Control Block, Valve Stands, Centralized Lubrication Systems, Hydraulic Cylinders and customer-specific hydraulic machines are manufactured.

Hydrauproser is the world's globally leading and dynamic supplier (www.completehydraulicsolutions.com) Hydraulic Systems  and  Components for Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills (Steel, Aluminum and Non Ferrous Metals).

А  Complete Hydraulic   Solutions   is offered hydraulic systems (including integrated hydraulic power unit, valve stands, accumulator stands,  high quality and robust cylinders) designed, manufactured and tested equipments bу Hydrauproser for Steel and Aluminum industries EAF furnaces, LF stations, Induction Melting Furnace and secondary metallurgical facilities, Continues Casting Lines and Rolling Mills.

Most distinctive features of other companies, Hydrauproser experienced staff, strong engineering-project-system analysis infrastructure and customer satisfaction are placed on the top. Each member of our staff is young and dynamic company top priority by the principle adopted was to provide maximum customer satisfaction and this principle in accordance with the highest level of engineering services for the future technology to offers value to customers.

Hydrauproser giving the globally service and support the hydraulic systems area piping, pickling, flushing, erection and supervising for the in site applications all steel and aluminum process.

Highly qualified engineers and specialists design, build and start-up tailor-made plants with all the required hydraulic integrated systems.

The main Hydraulic system equipment and components are manufactured in our facilites and all steelmaking and foundry facilities stand out due to top quality hydraulic materials and workmanship

Hydauproser industry holds an important place in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Automation, Special Machines, Design and Systems is a leader company in the way of solving issues. By this way with expert and experienced staff continue to work at all over the world.

Hydrauproserworking on the basis of customer satisfaction, speed and time to respond on behalf of the customer is available 24 hours 7 days.


Hydraulic System Solition

Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Block

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Valve Stand






Fluid Connectors and Hydraulic Hoses


Duty Carried Sectors

Iron steel

Alüminium and Non Ferreos Metals


Industrial Hydraulic

Metal Forming

Plastic Forming


Mobile Hydraulic

Marin Hydraulic

 Hydrauproser is ап Engineering, Consulting, Project and Service сотрапу


Hydrauproser Hydraulik Systeme GmbH Niehler Strasse 446 50735 Köln

Mobile: +49 174 356 72 40 | Mail: info@hydrauproser.de

Tel: +49 221 710 66 19 65 | Fax: +49 221 710 66 19 66